Tom Ford Brow Sculptor 02 Taupe

Why it has taken me so long to write about this I don’t know as it has fast become one of my favourite and most reached for products.
I am totally brow paranoid. I hate my brows – this post here explains why. They aren’t hideous, but they are so sparse especially at the start and I cannot leave the house without filling them in.

I thought I had found my HG brow products in Suqqu Liquid brow pen and Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula pencil (which I rotate on a daily basis) until one of my regular jaunts to Cardiff’s Tom Ford counter led to the discovery of the Brow Sculptor.

I went for shade 02 – Taupe which is in fact incredibly similar in colour to the Shu Uemura Hard Formula in Seal Brown. A grey-tinged soft brown. I much prefer this pencil to the Shu Uemura, however, due to the innovative chiselled shape of the pencil. Instead of your regular pencil tip, this is long, thin and flat and makes application pretty foolproof.

The sculptor itself is a dual ended plastic pencil with the brow sculptor at one end and a handy spoolie wand at the other end.

If you unscrew the spoolie end of the pencil, a strange W shaped attachment is revealed. This is actually the sharpener to keep the chiselled pencil as sharp as your require it.

I have used my Brow Sculptor for almost 7 months now and haven’t needed, or rather wanted to sharpen it. I prefer mine slightly more blunt – I think it softens the overall look.

I use the spoolie to brush my brows upwards before drawing in the shape of my brows. Once I have finished drawing in the shape, I brush the brows back down for a more natural, softer look.



Here you can see the difference between my naked brow and a Tom Ford sculpted brow. I know it is perhaps a little more obvious than most people like their brows, but I do love a strong brow. Sadly I wasn’t blessed with them naturally so I improvise with my Brow Sculptor and I am so pleased with the results. I think they still look fairly natural and not really ‘drawn on’ as such.

At 45 this isn’t cheap, but much like the Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil, I can imagine this is going to be incredibly long lasting. The formulation is very similar to Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula, but there are discreet differences and I prefer the Tom Ford.
I much prefer it to the Suqqu (never thought I’d find anything as good as beloved Suqqu! ) purely because that one costs 20 and lasts hardly any time at all.

These Brow Sculptors come in four colours, Blonde, Taupe, Chestnut & Espresso.

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