Shopaholics Anonymous

Although I love love clothes, I’m really not much of a shopper. Sure, I love perusing the sales rack at my local mall, but shopping to me is an exhausting experience. I tend to get a tension headache the longer I stay in a store, even as I find more and more items to fold over my arm as I do my “circular”. What’s a “circular” you ask? It’s, quite simply, the process of moving around the store, starting with last seasons sale items in the back and ending in the front with their full-priced current items. And once you complete your route, you have made a circle. Thus, the “circular”.

So despite the fact that I know my way through a store and can spend hours finding the perfect LBD, shopping is not something I necessarily relish. So when I discovered online shopping away back in high school, it was love at first sight. I’m no techie, but I love surfing the web. Internet was introduced to the public in my formative years and I got my first AOL account (with a CD-ROM!—those were the days) at the age of nine(my very first email address is so embarrassing that my husband made me change over to gmail for a more normal account) and I would spend hours playing online games. And during my teen shopping years, I would spend my hard-earned summer paycheck on best beauty products from sephora. Now, I continue my shopping obsession through the internet with sites like the outnet, gilt, ideeli, RueLaLa, and still, of course, sephora.

When it comes to shopping, I’m not really a shopaholic. I’m more the type to go through stages. If I’m happy with the selection in my closet I don’t feel a need to buy. If I have nothing to wear (or so I think), I go a little stir-crazy and become a crazed shopaholic overnight. Last week was one of those weeks where my normally dormant shopping crazies came out with a bang. I spent a criminal amount of money in sephora with the usual excuses backing me up. (but, I needed to stock up! I was running out of bronzer! And how on earth am I supposed to put on lipstick properly without a good lip brush?! ) And then I couldn’t help myself to the outnet’s 80%-85% off sale (but I saved $800!! So it was worth it right?).

All in all, it was a traumatizing week spending some of my hard earned savings on mere swaths of fabric. And, at the end of it, I promised myself and my concerned Hubby GG that I was done shopping for a long while. But, at least I can console myself that these purchases could never have been done in vain. I mean, I didn’t just buy any old clothes, I bought an incredible chloe dress that will be the focal point and inspiration to many future outfits. And I bought makeup that will revamp my winter look into a more spring/summer look complete with a vibrant pink lipstick that is so in this season. So to all the shopaholics out there—even as you drain your savings away, it’s not a total loss. At least you’ll look cute.

I love that I have this beautiful view in addition to my huge balcony. It seemed the perfect way to highlight the nautical stripes of my circle skirt.


  • Top—Vintage
  • Nautical Skirt— Zara Basic
  • Red Heels— bought at DSW, don’t remember the brand
  • Draped Striped Sweater (worn as a tee)— Forever 21
  • Aviator Sunglasses—Aeropostle

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