Blush Horizon De Chanel

Blush Horizon De Chanel

I caved.
I swore I wouldn’t but it got the better of me. Meet the newest addition to my ever increasing blush collection – Blush Horizon De Chanel.

Blush Horizon De Chanel

I resisted for so long but as you can see, this blush is just so beautiful, how could I resist?
For this post I will let the images do most of the talking, partly because this blush is so aesthetically pleasing and partly because I am battling chronic head and eye pain so I am trying to look at a computer screen for as short a time as possible!

The blush consists of stripes of varying shades of pink, peach and a soft plum coloured blush with an added strip of highlighter. Each colour individually is gorgeous but when combined they create the perfect glowy, peachy-pink shade I have been craving.

Blush Horizon De Chanel

This blush is simply divine. From the buttery, finely milled texture to the perfect combination of colours, it feels luxurious and looks exquisite. The pinky-peach shade works well on my complexion and the added highlighter adds a subtle glow. There is no noticeable glitter in this blush, just a soft sheen.

Blush Horizon - Applicator Brush

Blush Horizon De Chanel comes with it’s own applicator brush which as a rule would be discarded as soon as I set eyes upon it, but Chanel have gone the extra mile with this blush and even the brush is super soft and suprisingly…works. It’s a really excellent brush that picks up all of the stripes and manages to blend them all on to the cheek.
I have only used this brush so far to apply the blush – I must admit I am afraid to use anything else for fear of swirling all of the colours together and ending up with a rather blurry horizon.

I can honestly say that Blush Horizon De Chanel is so worth the rather hefty price tag it carries ($60!) It is luminous without appearing frosty or glittery, it is butter-soft yet still delivers a pretty flush of colour and on my skin works as a blush/highlighter combination. I think my search for the perfect peachy-pinky-glowy blush is over.

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