Blush Horizon De Chanel

Blush Horizon De Chanel

I caved.
I swore I wouldn’t but it got the better of me. Meet the newest addition to my ever increasing blush collection – Blush Horizon De Chanel.

Blush Horizon De Chanel

I resisted for so long but as you can see, this blush is just so beautiful, how could I resist?
For this post I will let the images do most of the talking, partly because this blush is so aesthetically pleasing and partly because I am battling chronic head and eye pain so I am trying to look at a computer screen for as short a time as possible!

The blush consists of stripes of varying shades of pink, peach and a soft plum coloured blush with an added strip of highlighter. Each colour individually is gorgeous but when combined they create the perfect glowy, peachy-pink shade I have been craving.

Blush Horizon De Chanel

This blush is simply divine. From the buttery, finely milled texture to the perfect combination of colours, it feels luxurious and looks exquisite. The pinky-peach shade works well on my complexion and the added highlighter adds a subtle glow. There is no noticeable glitter in this blush, just a soft sheen.

Blush Horizon - Applicator Brush

Blush Horizon De Chanel comes with it’s own applicator brush which as a rule would be discarded as soon as I set eyes upon it, but Chanel have gone the extra mile with this blush and even the brush is super soft and suprisingly…works. It’s a really excellent brush that picks up all of the stripes and manages to blend them all on to the cheek.
I have only used this brush so far to apply the blush – I must admit I am afraid to use anything else for fear of swirling all of the colours together and ending up with a rather blurry horizon.

I can honestly say that Blush Horizon De Chanel is so worth the rather hefty price tag it carries ($60!) It is luminous without appearing frosty or glittery, it is butter-soft yet still delivers a pretty flush of colour and on my skin works as a blush/highlighter combination. I think my search for the perfect peachy-pinky-glowy blush is over.

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Shopaholics Anonymous

Although I love love clothes, I’m really not much of a shopper. Sure, I love perusing the sales rack at my local mall, but shopping to me is an exhausting experience. I tend to get a tension headache the longer I stay in a store, even as I find more and more items to fold over my arm as I do my “circular”. What’s a “circular” you ask? It’s, quite simply, the process of moving around the store, starting with last seasons sale items in the back and ending in the front with their full-priced current items. And once you complete your route, you have made a circle. Thus, the “circular”.

So despite the fact that I know my way through a store and can spend hours finding the perfect LBD, shopping is not something I necessarily relish. So when I discovered online shopping away back in high school, it was love at first sight. I’m no techie, but I love surfing the web. Internet was introduced to the public in my formative years and I got my first AOL account (with a CD-ROM!—those were the days) at the age of nine(my very first email address is so embarrassing that my husband made me change over to gmail for a more normal account) and I would spend hours playing online games. And during my teen shopping years, I would spend my hard-earned summer paycheck on best beauty products from sephora. Now, I continue my shopping obsession through the internet with sites like the outnet, gilt, ideeli, RueLaLa, and still, of course, sephora.

When it comes to shopping, I’m not really a shopaholic. I’m more the type to go through stages. If I’m happy with the selection in my closet I don’t feel a need to buy. If I have nothing to wear (or so I think), I go a little stir-crazy and become a crazed shopaholic overnight. Last week was one of those weeks where my normally dormant shopping crazies came out with a bang. I spent a criminal amount of money in sephora with the usual excuses backing me up. (but, I needed to stock up! I was running out of bronzer! And how on earth am I supposed to put on lipstick properly without a good lip brush?! ) And then I couldn’t help myself to the outnet’s 80%-85% off sale (but I saved $800!! So it was worth it right?).

All in all, it was a traumatizing week spending some of my hard earned savings on mere swaths of fabric. And, at the end of it, I promised myself and my concerned Hubby GG that I was done shopping for a long while. But, at least I can console myself that these purchases could never have been done in vain. I mean, I didn’t just buy any old clothes, I bought an incredible chloe dress that will be the focal point and inspiration to many future outfits. And I bought makeup that will revamp my winter look into a more spring/summer look complete with a vibrant pink lipstick that is so in this season. So to all the shopaholics out there—even as you drain your savings away, it’s not a total loss. At least you’ll look cute.

I love that I have this beautiful view in addition to my huge balcony. It seemed the perfect way to highlight the nautical stripes of my circle skirt.


  • Top—Vintage
  • Nautical Skirt— Zara Basic
  • Red Heels— bought at DSW, don’t remember the brand
  • Draped Striped Sweater (worn as a tee)— Forever 21
  • Aviator Sunglasses—Aeropostle
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L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

Micellar waters are becoming increasingly popular lately with many skin care brands jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve been a fan of possibly the original and most well renowned – Bioderma Sensibio – for a long time now and regularly repurchase this as a staple of my skin care routine. I am yet to find anything that removes eye make up as well and is as gentle on my sensitive eyes.

However, Bioderma is only available to me online and when I run out, I have to wait until a new bottle is delivered which isn’t always as quick as I would like.

I found myself in this situation recently having used the last drop of Bioderma and needing a replacement immediately. Whilst shopping in the supermarket I noticed a new micellar solution from L’Oreal. I will admit to having never used L’Oreal skincare before, but at the bargain price of $2 and no obviously dodgy ingredients listed – I decided to give this one a go. If it turned out to be horrific, I had only wasted a small amount of money no big deal.

L'Oreal vs. Bioderma

To say I was apprehensive is an understatement. My temperamental skin does not take kindly to swapping and changing products and introducing new products from brands I do not usually use can lead to full on skin meltdown.

That evening, I used L’Oreal’s Micellar Solution to remove my eye make up as I would normally use my Bioderma. Two cotton pads soaked in the solution and my eye make up was removed – or so I thought.

Upon closer inspection, the waterproof mascara I had used on my lower lashes was still there. I tried fresh cotton pads soaked in more of the L’Oreal Micellar Solution to no avail – the waterproof mascara just would not budge.

Using L'Oreal Micellar Solution

Luckily I do not use micellar water as a full cleanse – nor do I recommend that anyone do this. My bioderma acts as an eye make up remover only. Sadly, the L’oreal worked fine on regular eye make up but just couldn’t move the waterproof mascara. Bioderma removes all of my eye make up instantly with no problems.

I can say that whilst this micellar solution did not cause any sensitivity, it didn’t feel quite as gentle as the Bioderma. I managed to get some in my eye and there was a minor stinging sensation.

While this was an absolute bargain at $2 I doubt I will repurchase and there is no question about how effective it is compared to Bioderma.
This was a fair substitute given the situation but Bioderma is the clear winner and the only micellar water I will use in future.

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MAC Flamingo

Guess who’s back..back again…feat MAC Flamingo

So, it seems I am the unofficial comeback queen. Every time I get into to the swing of blogging, something comes crashing down and life gets in the way. It’s been a tough few months.

I’m easing myself back into blogging and more scarily, back in front of the DSLR with a nice and easy lipstick of the day post. The most used lipstick of this month, in fact.

Lustre Flamingo A13

Re-launched recently in the MAC All About Orange collection I made sure to snap it up straight away. It was a quick sell out on the website and in most stores – I’m still on the hunt for more as back ups.

MAC Flamingo Lipstick

The colour is pretty much perfect and such a ‘me’ colour. A milky neon-peach/coral, it reminds me ever so much of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy nail polish – however do not expect opacity from this lipstick. The Lustre formula, whilst not a favourite of mine, adds a gorgeously glossy sheen to the lips and feels incredibly comfortable. One swipe doesn’t really show up on my lips, it does need building up to show the true colour. It also clings to any imperfections so this is one that will require a bit of lip buffing beforehand.
I would absolutely love if this lipstick were a cremesheen formula, but it’s still pretty perfect as it is.

If you can get your hands on this – do! Costs $15.

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Chanel Rouge Allure #217 - Radieuse

Chanel Rouge Allure #217 – Radieuse

You know it’s got to be a pretty amazing product if it drags me out of blog-retirement because I just HAVE to share it.

Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick in #217 Radieuse is just that.

Chanel Rouge Allure #217

This was released over the Christmas/holiday period as part of a limited edition collection – Nuit De Infinie. I can’t see this online anymore, but if you are quick you may still be able to pick this up on a counter.

Chanel Rouge Allure #217 - Radieuse

Radieuse is a pale-medium slightly cool toned pink lipstick. Usually this is something I would steer clear of, because they rarely suit my warm skin tone but this one doesn’t lean so cool that it becomes unwearable for me. It is actually incredibly brightening to both face and teeth – believe me I need all the help I can get to brighten my dull, morning sickness ravaged skin!

This lipstick has been promoted to the ranks of ‘Handbag Lipstick’ and comes along with me everywhere I go – I’ve worn little else in the past few weeks, except the odd red over Christmas.
It is so incredibly flattering and versatile – it looks amazing as an evening look teamed with a sultry smoky eye and equally as gorgeous with a subtle every day make up look.

On my lips and against my NC25 skintone, you can see Radieuse appears as a slightly cool toned pale pink. I’ve seen paler girls wear it and it appears to be a more medium pink, but still equally as pretty.

Chanel lipstick in #217

The Rouge Allure line of lipsticks are housed in one of my favourite tubes – a sleek, very Bond-esque tube that feels almost gently spring loaded and closes with a satisfactory click.

The formula is described as a ‘luminous intense lip colour’ – there are absolutely minute particles of shimmer/glitter that translate on the lip as a radiant creamy satin finish. Don’t let it put you off – this isn’t a shimmery or frosty lipstick.

Radieuse feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips and lasts fairly well – although I am forever drinking/eating so I am not the best judge of that!

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